This Week Part 1 (Huntington Beach)

For those that celebrate, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas or beginning of Hanukkah celebration! I hope to be back tomorrow with a recap of mine. In the meantime, I wanted to flashback to last week.

Monday (12/19)

My Winter Break started off in the best way possible – with a free vacation! My husband, Adrian, is a salesman for Porsche and Mercedes and had a 3-day training in Huntington Beach to debut the new Porsche Panamera and I got to join him at the Hyatt Regency Resort and Spa. He didn’t need to be in until the afternoon, so after spending the night at my parents’ house (they generously offered to dogsit Winston) we enjoyed a leisurely drive down to Huntington beach, which included a stop at one of our all-time favorite restaurants, Thai Vegan.

Spicy Summer Rolls and Panang Tofu Curry.

We discovered this place when we used to live in Santa Monica and it basically became a weekly staple. Their summer rolls are the best I’ve ever had and it’s one of the only places I’ve found that serves vegan Thai Iced Tea.

Then, we walked around Venice Beach for a little bit before hitting the road again for the second half of our drive.

We checked into the hotel around 3pm and did some exploring of the 3 pool areas (sadly the main pool outside our room’s window was under construction) before Adrian had to take a quick test and go to the welcoming cocktail hour and I laced up for a quick 3 mile run.

The HB Hyatt is gorgeous, especially decked out for Christmas.

After my run, I hit the gym for a little weight room time and was really impressed by the variety of machines and that they had kettle bells along with regular free weights. Then, I headed to a solo dinner at Lemonade in the Pacific City shopping center.

The night ended with some relaxing (and entertaining) spa time with Adrian and a few of his training buddies before calling it a night.


Tuesday (12/20)

Tuesday began early since I joined Adrian for their 6am breakfast before he headed off to the Porsche Experience Center in Carson. Once he was loaded on the bus I headed out for a 6 mile run and some gym time.

Not a bad post-run view.

Then I walked around for a little over an hour catching up on the phone with one of my best friends, Kalis, and taking in the views from the pier.

Is this really December? I love California so much.

By then I was starving and walked over to Jan’s Health Bar. I got the house salad (without cheese) and the Beet It! juice.

I stumbled upon a nail salon about 2 doors down from my lunch stop and decided to make it a true vacation and treat myself to a pedicure since the weather called for flip flops. Annie’s Nails was great and I got one of the best foot/leg massages I’ve ever received with a pedicure.

With much prettier feet, I walked the mile and a half back to the hotel to hang out by the pool. Their “Spa Grotto” has 3 spas and I had one of them all to myself.

Paradise found.

Some clouds rolled in so I headed back out to Milk & Honey, a cute coffee and tea shop I had passed on my way to lunch.

Too cute.

After reading a number of Yelp reviews, I ordered the Lavender Latte (iced and with almond milk) and was not disappointed. So so good!

Then, I did a little holiday shopping on Main Street and cruised around Pacific City again before meeting up with Adrian and his coworker, Shane, to head out for dinner.

Shane had found a vegan restaurant on Yelp a few days before the trip called Vegan Nirvana that got 4.6 stars with over 500 reviews, so we were sold!

We ordered 2 appetizers and 2 entrees and split everything and they were all phenomenal. We could not get over how the flavors and textures of this meal. From “fish” tacos to “chicken” lettuce wraps, to “shrimp” and tofu stir-fries it, we were all raving about each dish and couldn’t choose a favorite.

Wednesday (12/21)

I chose to skip the 6am breakfast with Adrian, but soon regretted it once I realized I was awake at 6:30 and not falling back asleep. Oh well! I decided to get my workout for the day in early. I spent about 20 minutes in the gym before heading out for a run to keep my Winter Break Run Streak alive. However, I only made it a mile before my hunger got the best of me and I called it quits. I am one of those people that needs to eat first thing in the morning and should have known better! I went back to the room to shower before heading out to The Acai King.

I ordered the Special and the acai was really tasty, but I made the mistake of not fully reading the menu and didn’t realize it had a bunch of pineapple in it, which I am not a fan of (I know, I know, I’m weird).

As soon as I was handed my bowl, it started pouring rain and I was more than a mile walk away from my hotel. I tried waiting it out for about 10 minutes while I ate my breakfast, but it just kept pouring harder, so I threw my hair up in a bun, zipped up my (non-waterproof) jacket, and decided to hoof it back to the hotel. Oh, and did I mention I was also in flip flops?…Great haha!

Looking like a wet rat after getting caught in the rain!

Of course, it stopped raining just as I approached the hotel – just my luck! I got dried off and then hung out watching TV as it started raining again until meeting up with Adrian for his goodbye lunch. We said our goodbyes to everyone, hit up Milk & Honey one more time (at my request), and headed home.

One more lavender latte before leaving.

All in all it was an amazing trip and I’m so thankful I could come along!

Have you been to Huntington Beach?

Ever tried a lavender latte?

Anyone else a teacher on Winter Break?

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