I’m a Danger to Myself

Yesterday two of my favorite things caused me to bleed: running and eating!

It all started with my morning run…I got up around 7:30 (full disclosure: I’m a teacher on summer break and I am loving not setting a morning alarm since my usual wake-time is 5:00am). I made myself a slice of toast with Wild Friends Chocolate Coconut Peanut Butter, which is quickly becoming my favorite next to Sunflower Seed Butter, and got ready to head out on a 3 mile run.

Perfect pre-run meal.
Perfect pre-run meal.

My legs were feeling pretty heavy for the first mile, but I was mentally feeling okay and hoping that I would hit my groove after a mile or two. However, at the turn around point I was still feeling sluggish and mentally I started falling apart. I can usually muscle through a 3 mile run without too much trouble, but my body and mind were just not feeling it yesterday. It’s possible that my body was still recovering from a late night kettlebell workout the night before, but my lack of mental grit had no excuses! And then, enter the blood…

Half-way point, right before the bloodshed!
Half-way point. Forcing a smile right before the bloodshed! At least I get to run in a beautiful place!

I was running and it felt like there was a rock wedged in the bottom of my shoe so I paused to pull it out. But it wasn’t a rock – it was a freaking broken cactus spike! So as I was pulling it out, it punctured my thumb. Okay, okay, I totally mislead you…there were about two drops of blood. Mwahaha <– evil laugh.

That run however was no joke, I had to stop at 2.4 miles and have a mini pep talk with myself to convince myself to keep running instead of just giving up and walking the last half mile home. Thankfully, my Garmin beeped at 3 miles just as I was approaching a water fountain in the park a block from my house – hallelujah!

Average pace 8:29 min/mile
Average pace 8:29 min/mile

I went home and stretched with this goof.

He knows how to make me smile after a frustrating run.
He knows just how to make me smile after a frustrating run.

Followed by blending up some green smoothies for my husband and I. I made these ones with frozen bananas, frozen peaches, strawberries, hemp protein powder, spinach, flaxseed oil, and almond milk.

It’s hard to beat a post-run smoothie in the summer 🙂

For those of you wondering, Adrian, my husband, usually works Sunday-Thursday, but was home recovering from an oral implant surgery that he had Tuesday morning. He had a bicycle accident in January and knocked out his two front teeth, so that’s why he looks like a hockey player (or hillbilly) and will continue to for the next 5 months or so when everything is healed/fixed.

For lunch I had a massive salad with brown rice at the bottom and topped with soyrizo taco leftovers from earlier in the week. Leftover tacos filling = the best salad topping!

Look at this beast, I had to eat it from a mixing bowl because it was almost double the size of a normal bowl!
Look at this beast, I had to eat it from a mixing bowl because it was almost double the size of a normal bowl!
View from the top!
View from the top!

Then we took Winston out for a walk around the neighborhood.

This was the only picture where he wasn't "posing," but it was also the cutest one.
This was the only picture where he wasn’t “posing,” but it was also the cutest one.

And decided the hot afternoon called for wine tasting at one of our new favorite local spots, the Carhartt Tasting Room. In case you are wondering, they are related to the work wear brand; yes, we asked!

Hoorah for Syrah!
Hoorah for Syrah!

Then we headed straight over to the weekly Farmer’s Market in Solvang. Now that I’m not working for the summer, I’ve been trying to make it every Wednesday evening.

Freshly pulled onions.
Freshly pulled onions.
Our gorgeous purchases!
Our gorgeous purchases!

And since Adrian was supposed to still be eating soft foods, I figured it was the perfect time to use the spaghetti squash my sister-in-law had given me from her garden. I made a Pea Pesto Sauce to top it off. Look for the recipe on the blog next week!

Easy PEAsy! Har. Har.
Easy PEAsy! Har. Har.

And here’s where the second bloody incident comes in – I nicked the top knuckle of my pinky finger cutting open the spaghetti squash. I always have such a struggle when splitting open squashes! They are so good, but I almost always injure myself in some way. If you haven’t guessed it, I’m not always the most careful individual! This time the blood-spill was a little more legitimate because at least it required a small bandaid 😉 I decided to spare you a picture because I’m not one for blood…especially large, close-up pictures of it.

We finished off the evening by becoming one with our couch and watching Chopped on TV (I’m obsessed).


What is your latest “battle wound” story?

What TV shows can you not get enough of? (We’re currently big fans of Chopped, The Bachelorette, Real Time with Bill Maher, and Game of Thrones in our household – we canceled Netflix and I am dying without my OITNB fix! Also, no spoilers for Game of Thrones please – we started late and are only in Season 3!)


  1. Gillian @ That's G

    July 14, 2016 at 10:41 pm

    Battle wound story — last Saturday, clipping into my bike, mildly stressed out because I was late to meet my group at our meet-up spot for our ride. In my franticness, I didn’t realize my chain was totally off the bike, soooo pedaling wasn’t getting me anywhere. I couldn’t unclip without losing my balance, and was I was losing my balance anyway so, bam. Woof. I also fell flat on my face a week ago while WALKING and holding an iced latte. Wasn’t even looking at my phone!

    TV Obsessions – basically the same as if you’d asked me this in HS: Bachelorette (and Unreal), Real World/Road Rules Challenge…and I’m also into Broad City and of course anything related to the OJ trial.

  2. Sarita

    July 14, 2016 at 10:49 pm

    Dang…You had me goin there!
    No battle wounds – but disgusted by the fact that just dropping a brush on my big toe hurt like hell and turned it black and blue… Ya, just a little brush.
    Binge watching Big Love. Don’t ask me why… Guess I’m just trying to understand the whole mindset!

    1. Angela @ GardenVarietyRunner

      July 21, 2016 at 11:24 am

      I’ve had a number of people recommend Big Love to me and still have yet to check it out…I need to get on that!

      Ouch! Isn’t it always those silly random injuries that look the worst?!

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