Winter Break Run Streak (Part 1)

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I started a run streak over my Winter Break. I was inspired by the Runner’s World Run Streak I kept seeing pop up on my Instagram feed since Thanksgiving, so I decided I would follow the same rule of running at least one mile a day every day. Unlike the RW Run Streak though, mine will only last for the 17 days of my school’s Winter Break…which is probably a good thing since before the streak I had only run 1-2x/week and I’m not looking to get injured!

I should explain a little bit more about why I wanted to do a run streak beyond just being inspired by fellow runners. No, this isn’t to counteract the heavy caloric intake that comes along with the holidays – after years of battling an eating disorder and years of recovery, I refuse to let running be a consequence for eating. No, this isn’t to push my mileage or speed boundaries (see not getting injured above!). For me, this run streak is an attempt to reinvigorate my love of running. Running has always been therapeutic for me. It is a time when my mind goes clear and any anxieties fall away. However, after some personal hardships earlier this year (2016 has been crappy y’all), running started having the opposite effect for me. Instead of clearing my mind, the familiar paths became poignant reminders of the difficult emotions I experienced in prior months.

I am overjoyed to report that this run streak has done just that. After an emotionally tolling first few runs combined with a change of location (yay for 3 days in Huntington Beach!), I was able to get back to a place of mental peace and clarity during this week’s runs. This was just what I needed to end 2016 on a positive note and kick off 2017 feeling motivated. That might have been kind of unexpectedly heavy tangent, so thanks for sticking around for the ride and now onto my run streak recap:

Day 1 – 5 miles @ 8:25 min/mile average pace

Day 2 – 6 miles @ 8:40 min/mile average pace

Day 3 – 3 miles @ 8:07 min/mile average pace

Day 4

Day 5 – 1 mile in 8:38

Day 6 – 4 miles @ 8:46 min/mile average pace

Day 7 – 2 miles – My Garmin watch wouldn’t start up on this day (I was worried it was broken – whew), so I’m not sure what my pace was…but I’m guessing it was pretty quick because I wanted to get out of that downpour as fast as possible!

Day 8 – 3 miles @ 8:32 min/mile average pace

Day 9 – 6 miles @ 10:09 min/mile average pace – You can see what muddy trails and significant elevation changes does to my running pace! Most of the runs I do in Los Olivos have less than 200 ft. of elevation gain.

Day 10 – 3 miles @ 8:43 min/mile average pace

Winston admiring my awesome new Harry Potter inspired running tights! Thanks Mama S 🙂

Day 11

Day 12

I’ve got 5 more days left of my run streak, let’s do this!

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Are you currently doing or have you ever done a run streak?

Why do you run?

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