That Time I Got Bit By A Dog

So, I got bit by a dog on my four mile run today…I like this blog to be a positive space, but I have a little bit of complainin’ to do about the whole situation. If you’ve ever met me, you know I’m a dog person, especially big dogs – I’ve grown up around dogs all my life and I’m a proud dog-mom to this goofball…

Winston, Mr. Tins, Winty Fresh, WinTinTin, the list goes on...
Winston, Mr. Tins, Winty Fresh, WinTinTin, the list goes on…
But I’ve now had multiple incidents with people that let their small aggressive dogs off leash in public spaces. So I just want to make a short PSA to small dog owners – please follow the same rules that us big dog owners have to abide by – if your dog is going to run at, jump at, or bite at people and/or other dogs, do not let them off leash in public! Thankfully, I was alone on my run today, but I couldn’t help but think what might have happened if Winston was with me and had to defend me or himself and how quickly things might have escalated. (Okay, rant over, I promise!)

Anyway, about a minute into my run today I saw a neighbor putting a box in her car followed by her two dogs. As I approached, what looked like a corgi-mix came running at me and began jumping up and snapping at me. I stopped running so he’d stop chasing me and he jumped up and landed a good chomp right on my butt cheek! (No skin was broken, it was more surprising than anything.) The owner was standing there with the box in her hands yelling at the dog, but not doing anything, so I was thankful when her friend ran out of the house, grabbed the dog, and told her friend to “put down the box and unlock the car to to get the dog in it.” The women were apologetic and I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it because I know mistakes happen and we can’t always predict what dogs are going to do, but it took me about a mile to get over it because I just kept thinking of how different the reaction would have been if it was my big boy (basically, I’d be in court getting sued and worried about animal control showing up at my doorstep). (Was that ranting again? Oops!)

The good news from the run is that I’m finally over the soreness and stiffness from last weekend’s half marathon! I had gone for a run on Friday night with my husband and only lasted 2.5 miles before I was ready to call it quits thanks to a really tight hip/butt (second time I’ve mentioned my butt in this post, my bad!). So, yay for no soreness today!

Garden Variety Runner
Red-faced and sweaty, but still happy to get in a run!
My big mistake was not leaving until almost 11 this morning. It got up to 106 degrees here today (!!!) and it was HOT on my run. I have no clue what pace I was going because I forgot to restart my watch after the dog thing, but I know I was feeling the heat. This was a far cry from the chilly morning temperatures earlier this week:

Garden Variety Runner
I took this picture to prove to my husband how cold it is when I leave for work in the mornings!
Before my run, I made a dairy-free parfait of The Blender Girl’s Vanilla Cashew Cream topped with Oh She Glows‘ Ultimate Nutty Granola Clusters from her last cookbook (I’m dying to get my hands on the new one that was just released!) and a banana.

Garden Variety Runner // Vegan Parfait
I made the granola last night as I was cooking up another recipe from the Oh She Glows Cookbook, the Protein Power Goddess Bowl (I didn’t tell my husband the name of last night’s dinner for obvious reasons haha). The picture are not so great because of the low lighting, sorry!

Getting the dry ingredients mixed up for the granola.
Getting the dry ingredients mixed up for the granola.

On the table.
Served with Figueroa Mountain on the side…blonde for me and IPA for him.
I subbed in barley for the spelt berries and didn’t have the fresh parsley to finish it at the end, but it was still plenty tasty. I hadn’t made this recipe yet, so I was happy to check another “to-make” recipe off the list! Yes, I fully admit I’m more than a little obsessed with this cookbook.

Another new recipe I made this week was one of those “Plan C” meals that ended up being great. I had started boiling water for pasta on Friday night when I realized we only had half a jar of pasta sauce left, so I figured I’d make the creamy avocado pesto that I could do in my sleep I’ve made so many times, but not only did Adrian let me know he had to throw out the last avocado earlier that day because it was overripe, our basil plant had finally called it quits after weeks of relentless heat. Well, the one thing I did have was tons of baby spinach, so I threw toasted pine nuts and walnuts, garlic, olive oil, and a whole bag of spinach into the food processor with some salt and pepper and ended up with a satisfying spinach pesto!

Garden Variety Runner // Spinach Pesto

Hooray for Plan C! I topped it with some sautéed onions, mushrooms, and Tofurky Italian Sausage for some added veggie power and protein.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Have you ever been bit by a dog?

Did you make any new recipes this week?

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