Weekend in San Francisco

Hi all! I’m currently attempting to abate my anxiety over the presidential election results (#nastywomenunite) by reminiscing on the wonderful weekend we spent in San Francisco. We went up for Manasi and Aditya’s wedding. Manasi is one of my dearest and best friends since 7th grade and I was over-the-moon-ecstatic to celebrate her marriage on Saturday.

The most gorgeous and brilliant bride - photo credit goes to Lisa!
The most gorgeous and brilliant bride – photo credit goes to Lisa!

But before I get ahead of myself, let’s back up to Friday…

Adrian’s mom and grandmother live about 40 miles south of San Francisco, so we were excited to get to combine the wedding trip with a family visit. To get as much family time in as possible, I was able to take a half day at work (shoutout to my coworker, An, for covering my last class – you da you da best!), so that we could make it up for dinner Friday night. We picked up pizza on our way to their house and stayed until after 10 catching up on Friday night. We hadn’t visited since Christmas almost a year ago, so this trip was much overdue!

We checked into our hotel and watched Real Time with Bill Maher as we got ready for bed. In prep for the wedding, I tried a new facial mask that I got as a free sample in my last Sephora order and I just had to let you all know about it!

Caudalie Instant Detox Mask
Caudalie Instant Detox Mask

It’s animal ingredient and animal cruelty free and made my skin so soft. I think I’m in love and now I want to try their whole weekly regimen.

Saturday started with a quick 2 mile run on the hotel gym treadmill and some free weights while Adrian went to the De Anza Flea Market in Cupertino with his best friend, Chris, who lives in the area. Then, we picked up sandwiches from Ike’s Place – the BEST – to have lunch with Adrian’s mom and grandma before getting ready for the wedding.

Which brings us to the main event…the wedding! It was held at Terra Gallery in the SoMa district. The venue was breathtaking – a huge open and modern space with one wall of huge windows with views of the city.

Terra SF


The table were decked out in blue and gold that I’m assuming were an homage to the fact that Manasi went to Cal (with me – Go Bears!) and Adit went to Michigan.

The ceremony was heart-warming and perfectly fit the couple. I loved how intimate it was to watch just the bride and groom without being flocked by bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Saying "I do."
Saying “I do.”

Then dinner was served (the food was phenomenal, Indian food = the best wedding food ever!) and the sisters’ gave their speech. Both Manasi and Adit have a younger sister each and they killed it – I was either tearing up from joy or laughter throughout their entire speech! Then, the party got started with a few coordinated dances to kick things off. Here’s a quick clip from my Instagram, so awesome!

To make the night even better, the wedding was like a mini-college reunion with so many friends I hadn’t seen in months and, in most cases, years! I didn’t take nearly enough pictures, but here’s some that my friends shared with me:

Jeannie! Thanks for the picture, my love!
Jeannie! Thanks for the picture, my love!
Lisa! Also stealing this photo from her ;)
Lisa! Also stealing this photo from her 😉


The Fab Four/The Oak Park Crew/The Three Best Friends That Anyone Could Have
The Fab Four/The Oak Park Crew/The Three Best Friends That Anyone Could Have

I can’t wait until the professional ones are made public! Everyone had an incredible time dancing the night away until the venue had to close at 11. Between the food, music, and insanely beautiful outfits, Indian weddings are basically the best weddings.

Speaking of outfits, I was extremely happy with my last-minute purchase from lulus.com. I ordered the All That Shimmers Is Gold Maxi Dress on Sunday less than a week before the event and it ended up working out perfectly. I got so many compliments on this dress and it was so simple to style.

"Glamour shot" by Jeannie in the bathroom hah!
“Glamour shot” by Jeannie in the bathroom hah!

Finally, on Sunday after checking out of the hotel, I dropped Adrian off to spend time with his mom as I headed up to San Francisco again to have brunch with some of my best friends from college – most of which I hadn’t seen since a camping trip 3 years ago!

Congrats to the [semi] newly engaged couple - Alex and Pam!
Congrats to the [semi] newly engaged couple – Alex and Pam!

This is love.
This is love.

After a brunch that lasted well over 3 hours with over 10 of the most amazing people I know, it was time to drive home. I left with a heart filled to the brim with love. I am so grateful for the friends, family, and friends that are family that make the Bay Area still feel like a second home.

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