Headlamp Happiness & Other Randomness

Hi all! Just a quick check in while watching the Democratic National Convention after dinner. My husband works late on Tuesdays, so our usual schedule gets shifted back a bit.

Tonight’s dinner was a mishmash of ingredients that was kicked off by my desire to use potatoes from last week’s farmer’s market trip, so I cubed them up, tossed them in avocado oil, and spiced them up with smoked paprika, garlic, parsley, red pepper flakes, salt, and pepper. When I opened up the fridge to figure out the rest of dinner, I realized I made a major fail at Trader Joe’s yesterday by going in without any game plan for meals this week. Everything I bought was so random! I ended up throwing some portobello mushrooms into the oven to bake along with the potatoes and then sautéing up some riced cauliflower with Sriracha BBQ sauce and roasted peanuts.

Garden Variety Runner
Super random and not very colorful, but it hit the spot!
I spent the last two days meeting with my math department colleagues to plan our curriculum for the upcoming school year. I’ll be honest, I was dreading going in because it means summer break is quickly coming to a close, but the last two days actually got me excited and motivated to get back to teaching.

Returning to early morning wake up calls meant that a morning run was off the table. Waking up at 6am after weeks of leisurely mornings was early enough without trying to squeeze in a workout! So I decided last night was the perfect night to bust out my new Yalumi Spark* headlamp.

Hard not to be a dork with a headlamp on ;) Before & After
Hard not to be a dork with a headlamp on 😉 Before & After
Last night’s 3 miler was EXACTLY what I needed! After over a week of mediocre-at-best runs and workouts, I am finally beginning to feel like my normal self again. I was able to convince Adrian to join me for the first 2 miles (we both signed up for the Yosemite Half Marathon in October and have yet to start training – it’ll be his first race over a 5k). Big bummer for Adrian…his knee started aching for the first time in a long time at around 1.8 miles so he had to cut his run short, but not before a run in with a creature of the night! We both jumped about a foot into the road when we heard something big running around in the leaves on the side of the road. Thankfully we did because it turns out we startled a skunk and it was ready to spray! Crisis averted. Glad it was just a skunk because our landlord warned us about a local runner having a bear sighting when we moved in back in February.

I forgot to take a picture of my Garmin, but the total run time was 28:37, which is an average of 9:31 min/mile. Since we both hadn’t run in a while we started of easy at 9:40 pace, the second mile dipped to 10:27 with taking it easy no to aggravate Adrian’s knee, but with the perfect weather and happy legs I was able to finish the last mile in 8:27.

By the time I finished stretching it was almost 10pm and my stomach was growling. I threw together a quick protein and omega-3 packed snack of 4 Tbsp. of chia seeds mixed with 1 cup of almond milk and threw it in the fridge so it could thicken and gel while I showered. After getting into my PJs, I pulled it out of the fridge, stirred it up, and topped it with maple syrup and cinnamon.

Sweet, filling, and refreshing!
Sweet, filling, and refreshing!
Okay, time to go catch up on The Bachelorette…back-to-back episodes and we’re already a day behind! We totally blanked on last night’s episode after the excitement of the DNC coverage.

*This is not a paid endorsement – I just wanted to let y’all know that for us non-elite crowd a $20 headlamp actually works!!


Do you have a running headlamp? If so, what brand and would you recommend it?

Any members of Bachelor nation out there? Were you as excited for the “Men Tell All” AKA the return of Chad as I am?

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