Fall Bucket List

I hope everyone is wrapping up a wonderful weekend! Since Thursday was the first day of fall (despite the soaring temperatures here in Central California), it seemed like the perfect time to share my “Fall Bucket List”:

Background from http://www.designerblogs.com/printable-fall-bucket-list/
Background from http://www.designerblogs.com/printable-fall-bucket-list/

I’ve already cooked an acorn squash and made soup, so I felt like it was time to make a list of other things I want to check off my To Do List this season. Hiking, half marathons, pumpkin carving, and Hocus Pocus are regular traditions in our household, but I hope to add some new ones into the mix! A trip to Ojai made it onto my list because we drove through in November a few years ago and the valley was absolutely breathtaking to see as the trees changed color. Baking a pie is now a must-do since I just realized during a conversation with my mom that I’ve never made a homemade pie! What?! How is that possible? I guess my laziness has gotten the best of me and I’ve either settled with a crumble, cobbler, or store-bought pie. Time to fix that!

I’ll be back with a weekend recap tomorrow because I’m currently up to my eyeballs in grading papers (grades are due tomorrow for progress reports), but I wanted to quickly check in and say “hello!”

What’s on your Fall Bucket List?

Any book suggestions or vegan pie recipes to share?


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